hrqa services for:

  • New College Graduate:

    Why would a human resources person want to hire you? If you don't know FOR SURE, I will help you discover your assets and how to best communicate them in an interview, in person, and within your résumé.....

  • College Bound High Schooler:

    Many vocational interest tools end up telling you because you are an intelligent person, you can anything you want to be. Well, that doesn't help a person much in focusing on a career plan. My expertise will use evaluations that will help guide you to not too many but not just one possibility for you to consider.

  • Transitional Worker:

    There is life--rewarding life --after willingly or otherwise, separating from a previous employer. And yes, you can change your career course midstream and realize greater satisfaction --if you play to those talents and forgive your limitations.

hrqa expertise for:

Résumé Review:

No, I won't write it for you, but I will proofread and make suggestions to make it focused which is something that is hard for a person to do regarding themselves. More…

Forensic career counselor:

As a Forensic Career Counselor:

I take a critical look at the facts of a clients' history, help represent it in more favorable terms, often conduct vocational testing, counsel on job searching techniques, conduct behavioral interviewing training, etc. . . .I examine, share, and guide; all of which helps gets the job-seeker pointed in a direction that is more aligned with his/her talents. That is, collaboratively, I make a forensic examination of the clients' career status.

hank stevens

Hank Stevens can help you identify and capitalize on those strengths and stand out from the crowd.  More…