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I leave you with this.....UNWRAPPING GIFTS

People are gifts that are sent to us....wrapped. Some are wrapped very beautifully. They are very attractive when first we see them. Some others come in ordinary wrapping paper. Some others have been mishandled in the mail. Occasionally, there is a special delivery. Some persons are gifts that come very loosely wrapped; others very tightly. But, the wrapping is not the gift. It's so very easy to make that mistake. Babies do it all the time.


Sometimes the fit is very easy to open. Sometimes we need others to help. Is it because they are afraid? Maybe they have been opened before--and thrown away?


You are a person. So, you are a gift, too. A gift to yourself, first of all. You have been given to yourself. Have you really ever looked inside the wrappings? Maybe you have never seen the gift that you are. Could such a gift be anything but beautiful?


And, you are a gift to other people. Are you willing to give yourself to others? Do others have to be contented with the wrappings--never permitted to enjoy--YOU--the gift?


----by Anonymous